Wine Tour

Daily wine rout is a unique and outstanding experience, a passionate leap into the unexpected pleasure. The overwhelming magic of wine stories leads you to the discovery of completely new life philosophy embeded in your senses.

Dalmatia, a cradle of Croatian wine production, is certainly the most significant vineyard region. Its beautiful autochtonous vine sorts satisfy even the finest demands. Perhaps the rocky soil is the one that enriches their flavors unimaginably.

The greatest challenge that always remains is a gradual transformation of this wonderful harmony into the finest wines.

Through difficult times the islanders of Hvar have nourished their grapevines. They were their shelter, their food and their medicine.Along with natural beauties and invaluable cultural heritage the wines will bring you to an unspoken happening.

Experience this almost undiscovered pearl.

Experience Hvar in a Hedonistic manner, be enchanted by beauty and pleasure. Discover the old and autochtonous. Discover your alter ego, a Dalmatian in yourself.

  • Finest wines

    Finest wines

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